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    New Additions: CMI

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    First the worst, second the best. ;3

    Thanks for signing up to the website! Mythic/Folk lore is definitely interesting stuff, same thing astronomy and history. One of my favourite documentaries is called Journey to the Center of the Universe. It played during Space Week on Discovery Channel one day and it was fascinating.
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    New Additions: CMI

    With CMI now installed we now have a bunch of new additions to the server! Spawners now have 30% chance to be dropped from explosions. (TNT). So you can now find spawners in the wild and bring them back to your base! To prevent spawner farms from becoming too OP and laggy, I have put in a...
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    *to the tune of bad guy* I'm the first one.

    Good question... I'd say probably the overlord trilogy. Ainz Al Gown is just plain awesome. More of my favourites are Great Teacher Onizuka, Toradora, Reincarnated as a Slime, Spice and Wolf, oh and I really enjoyed the first season of Sword Art Online.
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    *to the tune of bad guy* I'm the first one.

    Thanks for signing up to the forums! I am glad you like them. I am super excited about 1.14 as well... we will we updating to that as soon as minecraft 1.14.2 is released, which has a lot of important bug fixes and stability improvements. All our plugins have updated so the transition will be...
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    Towny Guide

    Managing Permissions Towny has a very flexible, simple system for managing permissions in your town. Town Owned Plot Permissions Plots have three permission levels: Resident Ally Outsider And four permission types: Build Destroy Switch Item Use They can be used in conjunction with each...
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    Towny Guide

    Towny is a town management plugin. It allows players to own and manage towns, and eventually grow them into a thriving nation. Towns are a collection of Residents, and are governed by the Mayor. Players who are not a member of a town are called Nomads. Nations are a collection of Towns, and...
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    Website Reopening and Revamp

    Greetings fellow adventurers, I am pleased to announce that the website is now back online better than ever. Gone is the dull gray, now we have a fully functional website on par with some of the larger networks out there. If you guys have any feedback or suggestions let me know in the...