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Gingy's World of Nations

Future plans for Gingy

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Hello guys,

I With the server being so slow right now I thought I would write this to make it clear that the server is not dead, and I that I still planning on updating it. Plus I haven't written one of these in ages, and you guys are probably wondering what I am up to. I have mentioned a few things here and there in-game and on discord, but I haven't made any kind of announcement on anything. I have TONS planned, we were (and kind of still are) on a bit of a development hiatus, waiting for third party plugin developers to fix bugs, and of course 1.16.

Note that these are my current plans as of writing this, and they may change at any time, as better ideas come up, or issues arise.

1.16 Update and Server Upgrade

For those of you that are unaware, I am planning on updating the server to the next major update this week, starting on August 13. As usual, we will be resetting the resource world, like we do every major update. However, update I am also planning on updating the...

Towny Update - Plot Grouping

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Towny has released a brand new update today which brings some cool new things, and plot grouping.

Plot Grouping

- Group plots together, which can be named, sold, set with a uniform plot type, or uniform perm line.
- Plot groups which are claimed or unclaimed will have confirmation messages showing number of plots in a group, as well as cost.
- Groups appear in the chunk notifications in white.
- Already priced plots which are added to a group will increase the group price by the plot.


- /plot group <add/new/create> <groupname> - Creates a plot group where a player is standing. Also adds plots to existing group.
- /plot group remove - Removes the plot you're standing in from its group.
- /plot group rename <newname> - Renames a plot group.
- /plot group set perm .... - Used to set the perm line of a group you are standing in.
- /plot group set <townblocktype> -...

Jobs Overhaul - Leveling Changes, Less Grind, Merchant Removal

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The jobs system has been dramatically overhauled to make it easier to make money and reduce the grind from making money.

The following changes have been made:

Jobs Experience and Levels
Due to overwhelming support in the last poll, the whole system for giving more money as players level up their playtime ranks has been scrapped and replaced with the normal jobs leveling system found on nearly all other servers. For those of unaware of how this works, you get experience for doing job actions. As you level up, you will get more money for doing your job.

The scaling has been set to default values, so max level of 200 for each job. At max level, you will get approximately 3x the money as level 1, similar to how it was at king rank+. For those curious about the scaling, these are formulas being used:
Level Progession Formula: 10*(joblevel)+(joblevel*joblevel*4)
Income Progression Formula...

Economy Overhaul: Admin shop removal, Jobs replacement

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Hi there,

So once the server restarts tonight, the admin shop will be removed, and replaced with jobs. If you aren't aware of why this change is happening, please refer to this post: To put it briefly, the admin shop had many balance issues and exploits. We also would like to encourage player shops more.

By removing admin shop, you may notice some other things removed:
- /sellgui has been removed. You may still use /dispose to remove junk, but you won't get paid for it.
- /sell has also been removed.
- /shop and /buy has been removed


With the admin shop removed, the new primary source of income will be from jobs. To join a job do /jobs join.

Higher ranks will be able to join multiple jobs:
- Squire: 2
- Viscount: 3
- Duke: 4
- Emperor: 5

Important Notes:

You will notice that some jobs...

Playtime Rank Perks

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Today we have added a bunch of cool perks which you will unlock as you play. A new command has also been added to show perks in-game. Use it with /rankperks. See them by hovering over the text in /ranks.

Knight - Workbench
If you are knight rank or higher you can now open a crafting grid anywhere using /craft or /workbench.

Baron - Exp Bottling
Baron and above now have access to turn their experience into exp bottles. Do this with /bottle get [amount] or /bottle get Max. All ranks also now have the ability to do /bottle until [level] which checks how many bottles you need to reach a level, and /bottle stats which checks your exp information.

Note: All experience bottles will now give 50 exp each. This was done to reduce the amount of time it takes to get experience from bottles. Also, when bottling, you will lose 10% of your experience as a tax. This is a convenience tax...

Economy Overhaul

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It has been brought to our attention that our current economy model is quite flawed and has a lot of potential for abuse.

Having all items being sold to the shop means there is a high chance it can be exploited, especially with constant updates from mojang, or auto farms that we havent considered. They is far too many things to keep track of.

Lately it seems the primary source of income is through massive "factories", or methods that require almost no player interaction.

So we are planning on replacing the admin shop with jobs reborn. This plugin gives you money for chopping wood, fishing, mining etc. You cannot make money by creating a giant farm with hoppers. Therefore eliminating risks of exploits. You won't be able to search the admin shop looking for an item that will provide easy money and exploit it.

This will also make player shops more attractive. Money will be more difficult to make, and you will have a bunch of items created while doing your job. So what do you do to...

POLL: Classes, Skills, Enchantments, and Abilities?

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Hello guys!

So the past month or so I have been pretty silent, and some of you may have been wondering what the heck I am have been all this time. I can assure you I am still here, but just working behind the scenes. I have been carefully planning out the future of Gingy. As some of you are aware, when server first launched about a year ago, it was planned that there would be dungeons where you guys can fight bosses and get loot, but things quickly fell apart with lack of direction. Things were too rushed and eventually we had to put the entire project on hold.

The past month or so, our incredible staff team has been hard at work creating some fantastic content, which we will be releasing in stages. Today, we released 13 custom mobs, but that is only the beginning. Before I move further I would like to throw out there that I am thinking about removing McMMO completely. I know you are panicking and already searching for the poll so you can press VOTE NO, but please read...

Auction House, Item showcasing, 1.14.4 update

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Hey guys!

Thank you everyone that has joined in the past week, and those that continue to play on Gingy. Our player numbers have finally began to pick up again after almost 6 months of slowness. I am certain that the summer holidays have something to do with it, but regardless thank you guys for choosing to play on Gingy!

Regarding LAG:

I know that there has been some uneasiness about the performance issues recently. This is due to how unoptimized and buggy 1.14 was when it was first released. Chunk loading and unloading causes TPS to drop, and there is a lot of problems with entity lag. This forced us to do things like reduce view distance, reduce entity counts, increase RTP cooldown, and even disable some mob farms.
1.14.4 was released today, and we are only waiting for a couple plugins to update before we can switch. This is the last planned minor update for 1.14, so hopefully the performance issues that have been plaguing us will be fixed. If all goes well, we can try...

Planned Additions

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Hi guys!

June was probably one of the biggest months for Gingy in terms of development:
  1. Switched from Essentials to CMI bringing in a ton of new features and enhancements
  2. Upgraded from 1.13 to 1.14
  3. Added in donation perks for donors
  4. Added in a time vote and weather vote system
  5. Participated in an upcoming in-game minecon, cubecon 2019
  6. Added in a brand new spawn
We are not done though, and we have a ton of new things planned, some of which will be described down below!

Major McMMO Update (Version 2.2)

A major update to McMMO is nearing completion. The lead developer nossr50 has been working full-time for the past 5 months on this update. It will feature either partial or complete rewrites to repair, salvage, excavation, fishing, and alchemy skills.

Custom Loot and Return of Bosses and Leveled Mobs

One of the biggest planned additions is going to be the return of bosses and leveled mobs. Bosses and mobs will drops things like...

New Additions: CMI

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With CMI now installed we now have a bunch of new additions to the server!
  • Spawners now have 30% 50% chance to be dropped from explosions. (TNT). So you can now find spawners in the wild and bring them back to your base! To prevent spawner farms from becoming too OP and laggy, I have put in a proximity limit to placing spawners. Spawners cannot be placed within 6 blocks of another spawner.
  • Totems can be consumed now. Which will give their effects for a duration of 2 minutes. Totems can still be held in your off hand like in vanilla minecraft. This feature has been removed, however if you die in the void while holding a totem, you will not lose items.
  • You can now create elevator signs that teleport you up and down. To create one, place a sign a type [Elevator] on the first line. (Not case sensitive) Place another sign with [Elevator] on the first line above or below it. Right click the sign and whoosh... you will be teleported...

Towny Guide

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Towny is a town management plugin. It allows players to own and manage towns, and eventually grow them into a thriving nation.


  • Towns are a collection of Residents, and are governed by the Mayor.
  • Players who are not a member of a town are called Nomads.
  • Nations are a collection of Towns, and are ruled by the King.
  • The town that owns a nation is called a Capital.

Creating a Town
To create a town, first stand in a location where you want your town to be, then do /town create <name>. This will cost you $2,500.

Tip: You can create a town board message with /town set board <message>.
This will be shown to residents when they log in and is useful for
informing them of important town information.

Finally, you will want to deposit some money into your town bank with /town deposit...

Website Reopening and Revamp

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Greetings fellow adventurers,

I am pleased to announce that the website is now back online better than ever. Gone is the dull gray, now we have a fully functional website on par with some of the larger networks out there.

If you guys have any feedback or suggestions let me know in the suggestions section of the forum.


  • You guys can customize the appearance of the website by clicking the 2 at top right of your screen.
  • When validating your email, be sure to check your junk inbox, there have been reports of it showing up there.
  • You can upload a profile picture, and add a forum signature to you account in your user settings.

Diamond Crate Key

You can earn yourself a diamond crate key by following the instructions down below:
  1. Sign up to the website...