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  1. MidnightSugar

    mute appeal

    After a month of being muted, I think so too. Unmuted
  2. MidnightSugar

    Future plans for Gingy

    What I could do is remove the ability of back on death and setting a home and claiming. So if you die then you must either tp to another player that isn't dead (this would encourage parties). The only way to enter the world would be the hardcore warp which would warp you back to start of the...
  3. MidnightSugar

    Future plans for Gingy

    Hello guys, I With the server being so slow right now I thought I would write this to make it clear that the server is not dead, and I that I still planning on updating it. Plus I haven't written one of these in ages, and you guys are probably wondering what I am up to. I have mentioned a few...
  4. MidnightSugar

    ban appeal

    Hello, I appreciate the apology, I am glad that you understand the things that were said were completely out of hand. If being "you" means being very disrespectful to players and staff, and breaking server rules, then I agree, you cannot be you on the server. We are a small community server and...
  5. MidnightSugar

    Ban appeal

    You have been unbanned. It was discussed that 5 day ban was a bit too severe for what was done.
  6. MidnightSugar

    Why am I banned?

    There was lots of evidence that goes against your claim of not using any form of x-ray. Mining without any use of torches Mining single blocks of stone to find diamond right behind it, which would normal be invisible Strip mining directly towards ore veins It is unlikely that you were not...
  7. MidnightSugar

    Sup ya'll?

    Welcome to the forums! Not much activity here, so its cool to see somebody actually post.
  8. MidnightSugar

    Heya! A nerd is here!

    Points 3 and 6 contradict each other. It takes brains to do both building and redstone. Either way, thanks for introducing yourself here, not many people do. Not sure if you getting helper motivated you to do it... but welcome to the forums. (that nobody really uses)
  9. MidnightSugar


    The grief happened at around noon on Monday Apr 13. Somebody on your account did remove the conduit, because it is recorded in the logs. If it wasn't you, I expect it was your little sister that did it. Please make sure your little sister is aware of the rules, because if she is playing on your...
  10. MidnightSugar

    Account banned

    Being unaware of the rules does not make it okay. Before griefing/stealing you should have checked the rules beforehand. If you would have done this you would have found out that griefing is not allowed anywhere. You were given a chance by moderators to return items but you argued about it...
  11. MidnightSugar

    Towny Update - Plot Grouping

    Towny has released a brand new update today which brings some cool new things, and plot grouping. Plot Grouping - Group plots together, which can be named, sold, set with a uniform plot type, or uniform perm line. - Plot groups which are claimed or unclaimed will have confirmation messages...
  12. MidnightSugar

    Upgrade Success Chances

    Wooden/Stone/Leather Vanilla Single Socket (Rare) Double Socket (Epic) Single Power (Legendary) Double Power (Mythical) Weak 100 80 60 40 20 Medium 100 100 100 100 100 Strong 100 100 100 100 100 Very Strong 100 100 100 100 100 Iron/Gold/Chain Vanilla Single Socket (Rare)...
  13. MidnightSugar

    Custom Enchantment List

    Enchantment Description Weight Type Angler Catch one additional fish per level if you caught a fish. Rare (30) Fishing Rod Aqua Affinity Increases underwater mining rate. Rare (30) Helmets Armored Adds armor points for wearing elytra. Rare (30) Elytra Bane of Arthropods Increases damage...
  14. MidnightSugar

    Unidentified Book Drop Rates

    Weights: Common 300, Uncommon 100, Rare 30, Very Rare 10, Epic 3 Magic Level Very Low: Common: Efficiency I Efficiency II Piercing I Piercing II Power I Power II Protection I Protection II Sharpness I Sharpness II Sand Veil I Sand Veil II Uncommon: Bane Of Arthropods I Blast Protection I...
  15. MidnightSugar

    Jobs Overhaul - Leveling Changes, Less Grind, Merchant Removal

    The jobs system has been dramatically overhauled to make it easier to make money and reduce the grind from making money. The following changes have been made: Jobs Experience and Levels Due to overwhelming support in the last poll, the whole system for giving more money as players level up...
  16. MidnightSugar


    Welcome back, pleasure to see you again.
  17. MidnightSugar

    Anyway to lower volume of the rank up sounds?

    Volume for the rank up sound has been changed from 1 to 0.5.
  18. MidnightSugar

    Ban appeal

    We have looked through the tunnels and there were cases where it did look like x-ray was taking place. But we have decided that the evidence found was not enough for a ban and pardoned you, sorry for the inconvenience. FYI that screenshot you took is unreadable. Refer to this guide if you need...
  19. MidnightSugar

    Economy Overhaul: Admin shop removal, Jobs replacement

    Hi there, So once the server restarts tonight, the admin shop will be removed, and replaced with jobs. If you aren't aware of why this change is happening, please refer to this post: To put it briefly, the admin shop had many...
  20. MidnightSugar

    Playtime Rank Perks

    Today we have added a bunch of cool perks which you will unlock as you play. A new command has also been added to show perks in-game. Use it with /rankperks. See them by hovering over the text in /ranks. Knight - Workbench If you are knight rank or higher you can now open a crafting grid...