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Ban Appeal -fahhzy

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New member
Account Name: fahhzy
Reason for ban: Xray
Length of ban: 30 days
Have you been banned before? : no I have not
Why should you be unbanned: I don't think I should be unbanned because he was in the right and I was in the wrong, I was using x-ray on the server and he caught me red-handed. I'm sorry for using the client and I should've never done it because it gives me an unfair advantage compared to other players and makes the game less fun for everyone around me. Why did I say I don't think I should be unbanned? its, because I was in the wrong alls I request, is that if by any chance it could be shortened to a week. My ban is currently at 3 weeks 1 day and 20hrs. I feel I have learned from this and I will make sure to remove the client so no further issues arise because of my stupidity, Again I'm sorry that this happens and it won't happen again.

Sincerely, fahhzy
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