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ban appeal


New member
Account Name : Hades_Legion
Reason for ban : being too rude and out of hand with my mouth
Length of ban : perm
Have you been banned before? : no
Why should you be unbanned : first, i realize i was out of hand, i really enjoyed playing on the server, 10/10 tbh, i had requested that certain people dont try to talk to me in any way shape or form, when they did i got out of hand, i want to apologize for that, i know i was in the wrong and should have just ignored it, if yall unban me, you can keep me on a permanent mute so nothing like this happens again, but i will be able to just ignore, and just go about my buisness. Second, i realize ive said things that were down right disrespectful of players, i cant be me on that server, no one likes a blunt "say it as you see it" person, so again, i can just keep my mouth shut, only have chat open to commands, and overall hold my tongue. I wanted to apologize to the people i offended, and to the people who i told to never talk to me, and apologize to the whole staff for being who i am on a server what doesnt appreciate that.


Staff member
I appreciate the apology, I am glad that you understand the things that were said were completely out of hand. If being "you" means being very disrespectful to players and staff, and breaking server rules, then I agree, you cannot be you on the server. We are a small community server and being respectful is paramount.

I will allow you back in the server, with a permanent mute. I suggest you read the server rules again https://www.gingycraft.net/index.php?threads/server-rules.9/. After a period of one month, you may create another appeal once you feel you can be respectful to other players.