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New member
Hi I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do here, but I was banned and I do not understand why. I am I understanding that on the server everyone helps each other. And people help me when I die to find my stuff and when I need a block or something people help me and then sames for them if they need something. So when I tried to login today to see that I was banned I was surprised. When I was able to play 3 days ago and I wasn't on for more than probably like 10 minutes. The band says I have been banned for 6 days for griefing I don't know who I could have griefed. My little sister on the other hand was playing on my account. I don't know if she has done anything but from my knowledge that is not something she does all she knows really is to build she doesn't really go out much she stays within our town for the most part and doesn't really talk. And then to be told that under my name or something that something was taken or grieved. And then shown what it is I still don't know exactly what it does and I've never seen that block. I'll be more than happy to let you guys go through my stuff I just see if you can find anything but I do not have anything that looks like that. Thank you and have a good day.


Staff member
The grief happened at around noon on Monday Apr 13. Somebody on your account did remove the conduit, because it is recorded in the logs. If it wasn't you, I expect it was your little sister that did it. Please make sure your little sister is aware of the rules, because if she is playing on your account, you are responsible for anything that she does.

If you want the proof here it is: