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First the worst, second the best. ;3


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My name is gentlestorms on the server.

A little about me:
I like mythology and folk lore. Astronomy, and history. People in general and their individual stories are always fascinating. I like to draw and sculpt in real life. I make stuff revolving around the previously stated interests. I used to write a lot and make comics as well, but time seems to be increasingly limited.

I have a cat, named Loki. She likes to sit between my keyboard and the monitor when I play. I had to lay a bed out for her 'cause she was laying on the keyboard and sending weird, archaic messages to other members when I was away.
Because of this, I usually can't see the bottom half of my screen. I don't dare move her.

I'm older. By the viewpoints of some here, I'm ancient. I don't feel all that old, though. Only when I stand up.

I don't know what else to put. This seems like a lot already. Chat with me in the server. I talk a lot, but enjoy chatting with others.

(Also a musical gay. I love that term and I'm stealing it. <3)
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Thanks for signing up to the website!

Mythic/Folk lore is definitely interesting stuff, same thing astronomy and history. One of my favourite documentaries is called Journey to the Center of the Universe. It played during Space Week on Discovery Channel one day and it was fascinating.


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I see you shading me in that title! 👀 not ok :(

Jokes aside, old as in 50+,your thirties or a 20-year-old acting like they're old? Nothing really shocks me on the internet anymore lmao


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Ha! Considering there's a grandma who videotapes herself playing skyrim.. I'm thirty-two. Just came back to minecraft about a month ago.

I'll have to look up that documentary, thanks for the suggestion.