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Hello ya'll from Arkansas!


New member
I'm an artist and an editor and probably too old to be playing Minecraft...

My 12 (now 15-year- old) son showed me the game about 3 years ago and I laughed... "What, everything is square," I said. "That's crazy." He persisted and convinced me to get on an offline version...I'm thinking 1.10... I nearly had a heart attack the first time the zombies attacked me in a cave. I struggled to learn how to do everything at first and now... I think I need to go to Minecraft's Anonymous.

Then he talked me into buying a server and "helping him" with said server. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I watched a bazillian tutorials, learned about plugins and how to configure them, learned about hackers the hard way, learned it was hard to trust people who offered to help after one blew up the entire spawn that I had built over 3 months time and had to learn about the new updates every time they changed. The sad part is I never had time to "play" anymore. And players would come and go... and then my son learned to script and started working on that and I was left alone with the server... so I finally decided I would let it go and go hunting for a server to play on as a player again... a bit sad but I miss playing Minecraft without having to fix everything.
I had never played on a towny server and wondered what that was like and so that is how I found you all. I love the custom world map.
I like working together with other people to build cool things. I have learned to defend myself against the nighttime boogies... I especially love my bow.
I like working with the villagers to unlock those special trades. A good armorer and toolsmith and some good librarians can really help.

I have 6 children ... all grown except the 15-year-old. We have 3 chihuahuas, 2 budgies, 1 cockatiel and my diamond dove in our household. Bobby, my diamond dove, sits on my left hand and supervises while I write or play Minecraft. If I battle a skeleton he 'beeps' because I am moving too much...bossy bird!
I hope to get to know all of you folks and have a good time in my spare time when I'm not painting or writing. And if you are looking for a town to join Springwood just might be the town for you.


Staff member
Hello, welcome to the server MamitaLena!! I seen you on the server a few times, and it is really cool you made an introduction here on the website, not many people actually do that! Yeah running a server is tough, and it can be lonely especially when starting out. It takes time to actually build a community. I am blessed to have such a fantastic community on here, the server would most likely not still be running if it wasn't for our fantastic community of players, some of which joined when Gingy first started over 3 years ago.

I am not sure how you can deal with 6 children... I had my cousin come over with her two daughters and one son, and oh my god it drove me up the wall. And that was just for a few hours. Good lord.
But I am glad you are enjoying the server so far, we got a lot planned for you guys. So stay tuned for that.