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Jobs Overhaul - Leveling Changes, Less Grind, Merchant Removal


Staff member
The jobs system has been dramatically overhauled to make it easier to make money and reduce the grind from making money.

The following changes have been made:

Jobs Experience and Levels
Due to overwhelming support in the last poll, the whole system for giving more money as players level up their playtime ranks has been scrapped and replaced with the normal jobs leveling system found on nearly all other servers. For those of unaware of how this works, you get experience for doing job actions. As you level up, you will get more money for doing your job.

The scaling has been set to default values, so max level of 200 for each job. At max level, you will get approximately 3x the money as level 1, similar to how it was at king rank+. For those curious about the scaling, these are formulas being used:
Level Progession Formula: 10*(joblevel)+(joblevel*joblevel*4)
Income Progression Formula: baseincome+(baseincome*(joblevel-1)*0.01)-((baseincome+(baseincome*(joblevel-1)*0.01)) * ((numjobs-1)*0.05))
Experience Progression Formula: baseexperience-(baseexperience*((numjobs-1) *0.01))

Note: Those with higher playtime ranks will quickly realize they are not making as much money as before. This is because you now need to level up your job to receive bonuses.

Other points:
  • Leaving a job will also no longer require a one time fee of $2500. Instead, it will simply take a percentage of your jobs levels away.
  • You will still receive exp even if you pass the monetary cap of 10k/2h.
  • Dynamic payment has been removed, it really wasn't doing much. This was the system that was supposed to give jobs with low members a boost and vice versa.
  • Merchant job has been removed, those who were a part of this job must join a different job. This was removed due to balance issues and an oversight of how this job gave payments.
  • Based on feedback, all payouts have been given an additional global boost of 1.5x. This is to reduce the grind people have been having with the economy.