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Ope. A Midwestern has Appeared.


Staff member
Hey guys! AWanweirdLife here! Feel free to call me:
- AWan
- Wan
- AW
- Wanweird
- That idiot over there

As my thread title states, I am from the Midwest (Northeast Kansas) but moved out to Colorado (8 hours away, that was a fun drive) on August 15th, 2019. So much nicer out here.

A few personal fun facts about me:
- Twitch / Omlet streamer (Over 1,000 total followers between)
- I've been to a national game tournament in Columbus Ohio and placed like 48th overall (Board game was Settlers of Catan, and Orgins Game Fair was the best thing I've ever been to).
- Absolute Pokemon Nerd (First and Third gens mainly, but I'll settle for some Gen seven)

Now for a few Minecraft facts about me:
- I've been playing since there was only "Classic" back in like 2008/2009.
- Ran servers from 2011 - 2015.
- Know about every way to break the game with any version.
- Does anyone else remember no hunger bar and food not stacking? Fun stuff.

Currently not on as much as I've been addicted to the modpack 'Enigmatica 2 Expert' and can't get enough of it.

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask either here or in the server/Discord!

P.S. Yes, that is my old '85 Honda Shadow I had to sell in my profile picture. I'm sad I no longer have it.


Staff member
Hey there, welcome to Gingy forums!

It is cool to see someone that knows the game so well. 1000s streamers on twitch? Nice! Do you ever stream on the server? If so I would love to join in some time. Not the actual stream I hate being on camera/voice recordings.


Staff member
Unfortunately when I moved, the only internet I can get here is an upload of 1... not enough to stream. I will when I move though. Also, the 1,000 is between both Twitch and Omlet, but I am a twitch affiliate so there's that. (Max viewers I've had at one time is 82) But once I do move, more than likely I will be streaming on the server.