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Playtime Rank Perks


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Today we have added a bunch of cool perks which you will unlock as you play. A new command has also been added to show perks in-game. Use it with /rankperks. See them by hovering over the text in /ranks.

Knight - Workbench
If you are knight rank or higher you can now open a crafting grid anywhere using /craft or /workbench.

Baron - Exp Bottling
Baron and above now have access to turn their experience into exp bottles. Do this with /bottle get [amount] or /bottle get Max. All ranks also now have the ability to do /bottle until [level] which checks how many bottles you need to reach a level, and /bottle stats which checks your exp information.

Note: All experience bottles will now give 50 exp each. This was done to reduce the amount of time it takes to get experience from bottles. Also, when bottling, you will lose 10% of your experience as a tax. This is a convenience tax since bottling does prevent you from losing exp on death.

Viscount - Flight Charges
Viscount and above now have access to flight charging. This gives you the ability to fly temporarily for a cost. There is two methods of recharging your fuel: Money or Exp.
It costs 1xp or $1 2xp or $2 to gain 1 recharge point. 1 charge is used up for one block travelled, so if you travel 1000 blocks, that will use up 1000 recharge points. You can carry a max of 1000 points at a time.
If you are not moving, then one point will be used for each second while hovering.

/flightcharge or /fcharge - Display current charge points.
/flightcharge recharge - Open recharge GUI.
/flightcharge expcharge <level> - Recharges your points using exp to designated level.
/flightcharge moneycharge <level> - Recharges your points using money to designated level.

Earl - Phantom Control
Earl and above now have access to turn off those pesky phantoms. Simply do /psc toggle and phantoms will no longer spawn for you!

Marquess - Enderchest
Marquess and above now have access to open their enderchest from anywhere. Do this with /enderchest.

King - Return to Death Point
Kings can do return to their death point using /back if they happen to die.

Note that each rank also gets additional /sethomes and auction house slots. When jobs are released, you will also get more money from your jobs, and have the ability to have more jobs at the same time.
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