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Well Howdy Partner


Staff member
Whattup, it's yo boi, cowboy cheese in the crib. Hm. I think that's what the cool kids say these days anyway. Anywho, I'm a computer engineer who is bland beyond compare.
A few things to note:
> I LOVE the legend of zelda: twilight princess [not cause I'm edgy but because I like linear gameplay]
> If you insult the legend of zelda: twilight princess, we will have problems
> If you think about insulting the legend of zelda: twilight princess, I will think of the problems we'll have together.
> If you prove logistically, statistically, emotionally, physically, intellectually, religiously, and historically as to why the legend of zelda: twilight princess is not the superior game in the series, we will have problems but I guess I'll have to believe you at that point.
> I wrote this at 1:40 am and I was very sleep deprived.

Uh, yah. At the time of writing, I'm also the moderator on the server, so that's dope. Hope to meet yall sooner or later.