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Why am I banned?

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New member
Account Name : DiIgnoranza
Reason for ban : Xray-ing
Length of ban : 7 days
Have you been banned before? : No
Why should you be unbanned : Because I never had any xrays or anything like that. I have used two iron picaxes and one stone to get like 18 diamonds (I am an high level miner so from one block I receive two or more) so if we do a little math I've stripmined with many zigzag for 1.5 hours using two iron picaxes and 1 stone picaxe, I have found a cave with lots of resources too. After that I returned to home just to be banned. If ya want to check I don't have any hack clients, mod or any xray related things.


Staff member
There was lots of evidence that goes against your claim of not using any form of x-ray.
  • Mining without any use of torches
  • Mining single blocks of stone to find diamond right behind it, which would normal be invisible
  • Strip mining directly towards ore veins
It is unlikely that you were not using x-ray.
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