Players can participate in a server-wide not so secret santa! If you want to participate in the not so secret santa, leave a chest with your gift in it under the large christmas tree at /warp christmas. Lock your chest with your name on the second line, and the person the gift is for on the third line!


  • Do not grief the area! The area can be modified so you guys can place chests. This is a privilege! Griefers will be banned.
    • You can however decorate the area if you desire. Just note that anything built here will be removed some time after christmas.
  • Do not open your presents until christmas! And no peaking! It is supposed to be a surprise.


PS: Anyone who participates will also be put into a draw for special christmas reward, so send those gifts!



We are now accepting submissions for the parkour building contest. We will accept submissions until December 20th. To submit, contact a member of staff either on discord or in-game, with your plot coordinates. You can continue working on the plot after submitting until December 20th.


During christmas, we will be taking all submitted parkour, and compiling them into one large parkour that you can do in survival. Rewards will be given upon completion.



We will be hosting (my favourite minigame) spleef tournaments off an on throughout the month of December, if enough players are willing to participate. If you want to read up on what spleef is, you can use this link: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Spleef


Thanks and I hope you enjoy these little christmas additions. Stay tuned because our next major update is going to be player warps smile.